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There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to online marketing. Creating meaningful conversations and engagement around your brand requires campaigns tailored to your business and the needs of your target audience. Whether we are optimizing web pages to boost keyword rankings, driving highly targeted traffic, increasing conversion or developing creative content to support strategic link building, Social Entellus offerings harmoniously work together creating an efficient and enduring solution that delivers the results and ROI you need.

Data That Drives Results

There’s no mystery to calculating success—just cold hard numbers.

We’ve heard it before: “I didn’t like math, so I got into marketing.” Sure, online marketing is creative, exciting and rewarding, but without numbers, it’s like fishing without a lure. Successful online marketing campaigns require real data to illuminate your target audience and provide the consumer insight necessary to understand how they engage with your brand through the purchasing process. Paired with comprehensive market research and asset analysis, we identify areas for optimization, promotional relationships, ideas for fresh content topics and new opportunities that establish the foundation of intelligent, calculated marketing campaigns.

Smart, Integrated Strategies

Fine-tuning an online marketing campaign is a whole lot easier when you start with a great strategy.

With so many marketing channels, new technologies and opportunities to promote your brand, it can be tempting to set marketing campaigns on autopilot or hyper-focus on a small group of segmented marketing activities. While some pieces of the puzzle can be more rewarding than others, maximizing a campaign’s effectiveness requires a robust ecosystem of dependent and related marketing efforts working together to magnify a brand’s story and deliver a rich consumer experience that promotes engagement and conversion. Understanding timing, velocity, synergy and the convergence of paid, earned, owned and social media, a successful campaign is balanced and flexible enough to address new opportunities while working against your long-term business goals across multiple channels.

Content With a Purpose

Creating captivating and engaging content is the easy part.

We have more “big ideas” than we know what to do with. However, with consumers becoming more content savvy, it can be difficult to deliver messages that engage and resonate. Consumers need a cohesive and flexible storyline that provides value and incentives throughout the purchasing process. Driven by data and consumer insight, we produce impactful content that addresses consumer needs while guiding the audience along a strategic narrative, delivering personalized engagement and building a powerful brand experience that supports your online marketing objectives.

Maximize Every Dollar Spent

There’s no such thing as “set it and forget it” optimization.

In marketing, every dollar matters. Squeezing more value from your website, content, media placement and backlinks creates efficiencies in your conversion process and delivers a greater ROI for your campaigns. Optimizing a campaign greases the wheels of your marketing machine, but it isn’t a one-time silver bullet. Proper optimization is an ongoing process of measuring and refining search visibility, click-through optimization and landing-page and conversion-rate performance to understand what activities are leading to new business opportunities and why.

Your Assets Are Your Greatest … Asset

Build your business by tuning into the right channels.

So now your website is polished and you have great content, but you aren’t getting the attention and business your online presence deserves. Building and optimizing your online assets was only the first step. To generate the visitors and customers your business needs, you have to get your brand in the right places, at the right times, and through the channels that makes the most sense for the audience. With hundreds of successful campaigns under our belts, we are pros at channel management and putting your online assets to work for you. Whether we are targeting influencers, promoting to niche social networks or outreaching to media professionals, we are the experts in executing strategies that deliver consistent results.

Build, Enhance, Recover

Your brand’s good name is worth everything.

The intangible relationship consumers build with your brand is a key influencer during the buying decision process. It only takes one or two high-ranking derogatory comments or posts to have a lasting impact on a company’s bottom line. Special care is not only required in creating a cohesive narrative that supports a positive brand experience, but in addressing real or potential consumer objections that risk tarnishing your good name. Putting your best foot forward requires a well-thought-out plan and sharp execution. Whether we are employing cutting-edge techniques or tried-and-true best practices to create, enhance or recover an online reputation, our white-glove approach to brand management fortifies your brand’s standing while providing constructive engagement at every customer touch-point.